Slime FAQ

What's in the Slime?

Our slimes contain some/all of the following ingredients:

* Non-toxic White/Clear Glue
* Diluted borax solution
* Fragrance Oil
* Food safe Coloring
* Instant Snow
* Soft Clay
* Beads, Charms, Sprinkles made from Resin or Plastic

 Is Slime Edible?

Slimes are not edible, DO NOT EAT YOUR SLIME. A main ingredient is borax (also called sodium tetraborate), which is a common component of many popular deodorants and cleaning products. Borax is not safe to be swallowed or taken. If ingested we recommend seeking medical assistance immediately.

 Is Slime toxic?

A: Our hand-made slime contains an ingredient called borax (also called sodium tetraborate), which is a common component of many popular deodorants and cleaning products. Borax is not safe to be swallowed or taken. 

What happens if I get Slime in my hair?

Start by washing the hair in warm water, using conditioner before shampoo. Slowly massage the conditioner into your hair, while using a comb to help remove excess. After you have lathered the hair in conditioner, rinse and if the slime has come out proceed with shampoo as usual.

What happens if I get Slime on my clothes?

  1. Pour enough white vinegar onto the slime to make the fabric slightly wet.
  2. Allow the vinegar to soak for up to five minutes. Do not leave it so long that the vinegar dries.
  3. Using your brush or your thumb, gently scrub the slimed area using circular motions.
  4. Rinse the area in hot water.
  5. Wash as usual.

Why does my Cloud Slime Feel Wet?

A key ingredient in our cloud slime is water. Feeling damp to the touch is normal for a cloud slime.

My Slime has shrunk, is this normal?

It is normal for slime to shrink and deflate over time! Most of the time, all you have to do is activate,play, stretch & pull for a minute to inflate again. Wash your hands before touching your slime to reduce the dirt/dust caught in your slime.

How long will my Slime last?

Slime should last for a long time as long as it is taken care of properly. Always keep it in an airtight container and a cool environment. Make sure to wash your hands before and after playing with slime so that it does not get dirty and produce bacteria.

However, slime does not last forever since it is a liquid substance! Slime will lose its moisture and may shrink or melt overtime. Slime that is properly cared for should last for a few months.

My Slime has gotten sticky?

Add small amounts of activator and mix it in with the slime until the consistency you want has been achieved. 

My slime has gotten hard/stiff? 

Opaque (white glue based): Add small amounts of lotion and mix it with the slime until you get the consistency you want. If that doesn't work, massage your slime in hot water. 

Clear (clear glue based): Leave untouched in its airtight container by the windowsill or somewhere it can absorb sunlight for a few days. 

 How to make your slime activator?

  1. Take the borax dust that is included in your order.
  2. Measure 1 cups of warm water and add your activator dust (alternatively you can only measure 1 cup of water and add half of your activator dust (1/2 teaspoon).
  3. Stir until all of the powder is fully dissolved. 
  4. Be sure to only add a little at a time!


How long will an unopened Slime last?

We recommend all Slimes are opened within 4 weeks of purchasing, if it is over this time please refer to our Slime Care card in your purchase.

Please store in a cool dry place. 


What is included in the Buy 3 get 1 Free Offer?

This offer is available to all Individually sold slimes ( not available on Bundles or DIY Packs) . The Free Slime will be of equal size or lesser of the purchases made. If the purchase includes 2 - 125mls purchases and 1 - 250 ml . The buyer shall receive 1 - 125 ml free slime.