Collection: Crunchy Slimes

Welcome to our handmade, Australian-made selection of crunchy slimes! Our slimes have an oh so satisfying crunch and are Bingsu or Floam Crunchy slimes can make the best bubbles!

Each of our Crunchy Slimes is lovingly made by hand, crunchy slimes are ideal for stress release and relaxation. Our slimes are made with the finest foam balls and bingsu beads, there is hours of enjoyment to be had with our Bingsu and Floam crunchy slimes.

Our Crunchy Slimes are available in a variety of vibrant hues and enticing fragrances, such as lavender, strawberry, and blueberry. We have a slime that will suit your mood and preferences, whether you're looking for a calming fragrance to settle your mind or an energising aroma to energise your senses.

Each quantity of slime is carefully mixed and kneaded by hand in our Australian factory to achieve the ideal texture and consistency. Our slimes are ideal for tactile stimulus because they are creamy, thick, and have a satisfying crunch.

For hours of sensory enjoyment and rest, our Crunchy Slimes are ideal for both children and adults. They also aid in relaxation and help you decompress after a demanding day by reducing tension and anxiety.

Your only slime destination for high-quality, handmade Crunchy Slime that will give you hours of sensory enjoyment. We take pleasure in producing slimes that are secure, long-lasting, and enjoyable, and we know you'll adore them just as much as we do. So feel free to play with our Crunchy Slimes today and engage in some sensory play!