Collection: Butter Slime

A perfect beginner slime! Thick Butter Slimes Hand made in Australia! Our butter slimes have an enticingly smooth and stretchy texture that's ideal for gratifying sensory play because they are made with high-quality ingredients.

Each of our Thick Butter Slimes is painstakingly handmade from the finest ingredients. We take great care to ensure that our slimes are the best they can be because we take great pleasure in our commitment to quality.

We offer a variety of mouthwateringly fragrant flavours for our butter slimes, including strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. We have a slime to fit your mood and tastes, whether you're looking for a soothing lavender scent or a zingy citrus burst.

Each quantity of slime is meticulously hand-mixed, hand-blended, and hand-kneaded in our Australian factory to achieve the ideal texture and consistency. Our buttery, viscous, and creamy slimes offer hours of pleasurable sensory play.

To make our slimes, we use premium materials including PVA glue, clay and borax. To make sure that our slimes are durable and long-lasting , each ingredient is meticulously chosen. Our slimes can be simply stored when not in use and are made to be enjoyed repeatedly.

Look no further than our selection if you're searching for high-quality, handmade Thick Butter Slime that will give you hours of sensory enjoyment. We take pleasure in producing slimes that are secure, long-lasting, and enjoyable, and we know you'll adore them just as much as we do.