Collection: Cloud Slimes

Welcome to our selection of carefully crafted, Australian-made Cloud Slimes! Our Cloud Slimes are a special and intriguing variety of slime with a light and fluffy structure that's ideal for fulfilling sensory play.

PVA glue, lotion, borax, and Instant Snow are just a few of the premium materials that go into making each of our Cloud Slimes, which are all meticulously made by hand. Each quantity of slime is thoroughly mixed and kneaded by hand so that it has the ideal texture and consistency. Our slimes are ideal for tactile stimulus because they are soft, stretchy, and have a special cloud-like texture.

We offer a variety of flavorful colours and scents for our Cloud Slimes created with Instant Snow, including lavender, vanilla, and strawberry. Our slimes are made from the finest ingredients, making them secure, non-toxic, and ideal for hours of sensory enjoyment.

We take great pleasure in producing Cloud Slimes at our Australian factory that are not only safe and long-lasting for play, but also fun. To produce the best slimes possible, we adhere to stringent manufacturing procedures and use premium ingredients.

Our Instant Snow-based Cloud Slimes are ideal for both children and adults, offering hours of sensory enjoyment and rest. They also aid in relaxation and help you decompress after a demanding day by reducing tension and anxiety.

Look no further than our selection if you're searching for a handmade, premium Cloud Slime made with Instant Snow that will satisfy your senses for hours. We take pleasure in producing slimes that are secure, long-lasting, and enjoyable, and we know you'll adore them just as much as we do. So go ahead and enjoy some physical play with our Cloud Slimes today!