Collection: Slime Bundles

Save up to 20% with our slime bundles. Our slime bundles are the ideal selection for all Australian slime enthusiasts. They will let you unleash your creativity and enjoy countless hours of fun. For stress relief or imaginative play, check out the colourful, one-of-a-kind slimes in our slime bundles. Our bundles are the ideal option whether you're looking for a gift or simply want to explore the fascinating world of slime. Our slime packs will satisfy your appetite for limitless slime fun with a range of textures, smells, and add-ins. Order your slime bundle right away to embark on Australia's ultimate sensory journey,

Stock up on a diversity of textures and consistencies without going over budget. These packages usually offer a variety of cloud, gloss, thick, butter, jelly, icee, and snow fizz slimes, giving you a chance to enjoy a variety of distinctive tactile experiences.

The fluffy, marshmallow-like texture of cloud slime makes it a slime enthusiast fave. Smooth and glossy gloss slime is frequently embellished with sequins or glitter for extra glitz. Thick slime feels gratifying to handle due to its dense and stretchy consistency.

In contrast, butter slime is creamy and buttery, simple to stretch and mould, and frequently scented with flavours that resemble sweet desserts. Jelly slime has a jelly-like consistency and a fruity scent in addition to bright neon hues. While snow fizz slime has a crunchy, bubbly texture that is comparable to crushed ice, icee slime has a slushy, icy texture that is ideal for summer.

Australian-made slime bundles are a fantastic choice to take into consideration whether you're a seasoned slime veteran or just beginning to explore the world of tactile play.