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You're in luck if you're seeking for a variety of intriguing and distinctive slimes created in Australia. Slime collections created in Australia come in a variety of textures and consistencies, adding to the fun of sensory play.

Cloud slime is a common variety of slime that can be found in Australian collections. The texture of this kind of slime is fluffy and marshmallow-like, and it frequently has a pleasant scent, like vanilla or cotton candy. For those who enjoy a soft, fluffy slime that is simple to stretch and mould, cloud slime is ideal.

Thick Glossy slime is another variety of slime that is available in Australian-made collections. This kind of slime is glossy and smooth, and it frequently contains glitter or other bright additives.

Another variety of slime that can be found in Aussie collections is thick slime. When handled, this kind of slime feels satisfyingly dense and stretchy. Strong, vivid hues and a variety of sweet or fruity scents are common in thick slime.

Another common variety of slime that you can find in Aussie collections is butter slime. This particular slime has a buttery, creamy texture that makes it simple to stretch and shape. Butter slime frequently has pastel hues and can smell like birthday cake or strawberry shortcake, two delectable desserts.

Unique slime known as jelly slime is also well-liked in Aussie collections. This kind of slime has a jelly-like substance that makes it enjoyable to play with and squish. Jelly slime frequently has vivid, neon hues and can have fruity scents like grape or watermelon.

A more recent variety of slime called Icee slime is becoming more and more common in Aussie collections. This particular kind of slime has an icy, slushy texture that is comparable to a chilled beverage. Icee slime frequently has vibrant, summery hues and can have a fruity or tropical scent.