Collection: Snow Fizz Slimes

Welcoming our newest member to the Slime Shack team , say hello to our collection of Snow Fizz Slimes. Our Snow Fizz Slimes are great for sensory play and keep young and old entertained for hours.

Snow Fizz Slimes are made with high quality products, are soft, stretchy, and so much fun to play with. We have a wide range of bright and exciting colours and textures, each with a distinctive fragrance that will entice you to want more. Using clear and white glues to make a variety of sensory experiences.

Snow Fizz Slimes are lovingly handmade using only the highest quality materials. We only use the best materials to build a product that is long-lasting, guaranteeing hours of enjoyment for people of all ages.

Our growing selection of Snow Fizz Slimes comes in a range of scents. Ranging from fruity and fragrant to sweet and spicy—as well as a variety of textures. Whether you prefer a traditional a smooth stretchy slime texture or a more bubbly, fizzy feel, we have something for everyone.

For all types of sensory play, including tension relief, anxiety reduction, and fidgeting, our Snow Fizz Slimes are ideal. Slimes can be twirled, stretched, and formed into countless shapes and designs makes them an excellent tool for growing children's imagination and creativity.

At Slime Shack, we take so much pride in creating lovingly hand made goods that are sweet smelling and so much fun to play with. We are committed to offering top-notch slime that will excite and delight . The fun continues with our Snow Fizz Slimes.

Give our selection of Snow Fizz Slimes to a loved little one or yourself today and enjoy the most enjoyable physical play possible!